Joshua Feinberg on "Magnetic Applications to Archaeological Studies"
Sponsored by AIA, Minnesota Society and Macalester College
Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

John B. Davis Lecture Hall in the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center at Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue
St Paul, MN 55105
United States

Look closely at any archaeological material and you will find trace amounts of magnetic minerals. Whether your passion is in ceramics, metals, glassware, obsidians, or cherts, the magnetic properties of such artifacts and the materials in which they are found often retain valuable, quantifiable information about an artifact's original age, as well as the age of the deposit in which it was discovered. This talk will share several recent efforts at the University of Minnesota where magnetic methods were used to provide information about the age of archaeological features or the origin of archaeological artifacts. Projects to be discussed will include obsidian research in Syria and the American Southwest, archaeomagnetic dating of ceramics in Israel and Syria, metallurgical slag from Cyprus and Israel, Clovis sites in Texas, and footprints preserved in volcanic ash in Mexico.   

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Vanessa Rousseau


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