The Roman Trophy: At Home and Abroad
Sponsored by AIA Western Michigan Society
Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm

178 Lake Ontario Hall, Grand Valley State U
Allendale , MI
United States

Dr. Lauren Murray Kinnee will be speaking on the subject "The Roman Trophy: At Home and Abroad." 

Dr. Kinnee notes that:

"Today the word “trophy” brings to mind sports trophies or even “trophy wives”: the word’s origin in the ancient Greek and Roman world has faded. In its most basic form, the ancient trophy was a mannequin of arms and armor decorating a post or a tree stump. These mannequins were set up on the battlefield by the victors using the blood-spattered gear stripped from the enemy dead. The term “trophy” has a surprisingly gruesome past. This talk will contrast two particularly remarkable and influential Roman innovations to the trophy monument-type: the omnipresent image of a trophy with bound captives at its feet and the distinctive “tower trophy” type that the Romans placed at key, frontier sites to broadcast Roman presence and power."

Please join us for this interesting discussion.

178 Lake Ontario Hall, Grand Valley State University (Allendale campus).

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Melissa Morison


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