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Discovery and Excavations of Beta Samati (Ethiopia)


My 40 Year Search for the Battle of Actium

My 40 Year Search for the Battle of Actium

Saving Archaeology in Crisis Areas

Horns, Signposts, and an Upturned Fist: The Striking Landscapes and Material Legacies of Egypt’s Royal Living-Rock Stelae

Creativity in Aegean Bronze Age Art

20th Century Data and the 21st Century Dig

A Tale of Two Late Ottoman Shipwrecks near Rhodes

Weird Science: How Chemistry and Physics Has Led to Understanding Ancient Peoples

The Anatomy of an Ancient Naval Battle

Shipbuilding and Seafaring in the Bronze Age Aegean, and the Role of the East Aegean

Ireland before the Saints and Scholars: Excavations at the Iron Age Site of Dún Ailinne, Co. Kildare

Before the Railway: Trade and the Syrian Hajj

World Upside Down: Revolution, Famine, and Social Memory in Pharaonic Egypt

Using Ugly Pottery to Understand Elite Mycenaean Cuisine

The Social, Economic, and Commercial Networks of Punic-Roman Tharros: New questions and new excavations for a major port town in Sardinia

Finding the First Americans: New Perspectives on the Peopling of the New World

Ancient DNA and the Science of the Human Past


“Myth-Ing Sound: Exploring Markers of Music in Ancient Athenian Vase Paintings” by Danielle Smotherman Bennett

The Looting and Salvage of a Hieroglyphic Staircase in the Palace of La Corona, Guatemala

Archaeology, Civic Engagement, and Interdisciplinary Data in the New Philadelphia Project

Archaeology & Ale: Archaeology and Civic Engagement in New Philadelphia

Dr. Kristina Killgove presents a talk entitled “Death Comes to Oplontis: Victims of Mt. Vesuvius Reveal Life in 79 AD”

Cultural Crossroads in Central Asia and a Millennium of Shared Heritage

Dimitri Nakassis, “Places, spaces, and memory: a landscape archaeology of the western Argolid, Greece”

The Emperor’s Jubilee on Roman Coins

Missing the Boat: Ancient Dugout Canoes in the Mississippi-Missouri Watershed


Recent Archaeological Excavations in Afghanistan


After Actium: Egypt in the Roman Imagination

Across a Narrow Sea: Ancient Greeks and Roman in the Adriatic Sea


VIRTUAL – Jerusalem’s Forgotten Southern Hill – Mt. Zion”

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