End of Days: A New History of the Tumultuous End of Aztec Ruins
Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 2:00pm

University of Denver Sturm Hall Room 453
2000 East Asbury Avenue
Denver, CO 80208
United States

A lecture by Erin Baxter of the University of Colorado.

This paper will be a biography of a place and time: it will tell two tales. The first is the vibrant and complex story of the prehistoric site of Aztec, NM (A.D. 1080-1300). And the second is the narrative of the Aztec Ruins as we came to know it when it was excavated (AD 1916-1934), and studied by Earl Morris, the famous Southwest archaeologist. Aztec was once the center place and political capital of the Ancestral Pueblo World, but some of what it has to tell still lies buried – in both the ground and in Morris’ unpublished work. I would like to share with you ‘new’ information gleaned from his notes, letters, field notebooks, and photographs. When synthesized and combined with ‘new’ 21st century research, Aztec indeed has some new tales to tell…

Erin Baxter is a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has worked in Turkey, Bolivia, Ireland, Tunisia, but returned (quite happily) to the only place you can get a cherry limeade and green chili after work: the US Southwest. After seven years at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, she is currently mid-life crisising in 25th grade at CU-Boulder, where she’s interested in political organization, architecture, and the post-Chacoan era of the Upper and Middle San Juan Basin.

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