Point of Pines Pueblo
Sponsored by University of Colorado, Denver
Saturday, September 17, 2016 - 2:00pm

Auraria Campus
, North Classroom 
Room 4002R
1100 Lawrence Street

Denver, CO 80204
United States

Presented by Dr. Tammy Stone

September 17, 2016: Dr. Tammy Stone, University of Colorado Denver

Title: Point of Pines Pueblo

Abstract: Point of Pines Pueblo, located in the mountains of central Arizona, is an 800 room pueblo occupied from 1265-1400 AD  occupied by people ancestral to modern day Zuñi peoples.  For 35 years of its occupation (1265-1300) an enclave of people from the Kayenta region to the north (ancestral to modern day Hopi) were present at the site.  The nature of the relationship between these two groups, before, during and after the presents of the enclave at the site is the topic of the talk.

Bio: Tammy Stone, Ph.D., R.P.A. is a Professor of Anthropology and Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD).  She received her Ph.D. in Anthropology with a specialty in Archaeology from Arizona State University and her certification from the Register of Professional Archaeologist prior to coming to UCD.  Stone has a distinguished record of teaching, research, and service and has served in numerous leadership positions on her campus including chairing Anthropology, as well as two departments that were placed in academic receivership by the college and as acting dean.  Stone’s academic background is concentrated in archaeology, with particular emphasis on the dynamics of factionalism and alliance formation in communities in Southwestern Pueblos with a secondary interest in Higher Education Administration.  She has published 4 books and  more than 25 articles and book chapters.  

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