Logistics in Greek Sanctuaries Exploring the Human Experience of Visiting the Gods
Sponsored by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Swedish Institute at Athens, Uppsala University, and University of Edinburgh
Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 6:00pm to Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 1:15pm

Swedish Institute at Athens

Logistics in Greek Sanctuaries

Exploring the Human Experience of Visiting the Gods


Swedish Institute at Athens, 13-16 September 2018





Thursday, September 13 (Auditorium, Acropolis Museum)

18.00                           Welcome from organizers and introductory remarks (Gunnel Ekroth, Judy

                                    Barringer, David Scahill)


Session 1: Welcome to sacred space…

18.15-19.00                 Monika Trümper-Ritter, Freie Universität Berlin, “The Dirt on Clean: Sanitary                            Installations in Greek Sanctuaries”

19.00-19.45                 Laura Gawlinski, Loyola University Chicago, “Managing the Ebb and Flow of                              Competing Claims on Sacred Space”             

20.00                           Reception at the Swedish Institute



Friday, September 14 (Lecture Hall, Italian School)

9.00-9.15                     Welcome & Registration


Session 2: Arrival and Expenses: travel, tourism and trade

9.15-10.00                   Ian Rutherford, University of Reading, “Travel to Greek Sanctuaries”

10.00-10.45                 Hélène Brun, Université Paris-Sorbonne, “Traveling to the Sanctuary on Delos”

10.45-11.15                 Coffee

11.15-12.00                 Alexandra Villing, British Museum, “Travellers, Traders, Trinkets: The                                       Logistics of Greek Sanctuaries Abroad”

12.00-12.45                 Véronique Chankowski, Université de Lyon, “The Question of Temple                                       Merchants: Buying and Selling in Greek Sanctuaries”

12.45-13.15                 Conclusion of sessions 1 and 2: summary and further questions


13.15-15.00                 Lunch


Session 3: Managing the Crowds

15.00-15.45                 Jenny Wallensten, Swedish Institute at Athens, “Locked In/Locked Out: How                            Was Access to Sanctuaries and Their Sacred Buildings Controlled in Practice?”

15.45-16.30                 Astrid Lindenlauf, Bryn Mawr College, “A Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining                             Greek Sanctuaries”


16.30-17.00                 Coffee

17.00-17.45                 Jeremy McInerney, University of Pennsylvania, “‘… χοῖρος τὸ ἱερὸν                                                          καθάρασθαι:’ Recurring Costs and the Logistics of Sanctuaries”

17.45-18.15                 Gunnel Ekroth, Uppsala University, “Oikoi, Priestly Houses, and Other                                        Spaces for Human Accommodation in Greek Sanctuaries”          

18.15-18.45                 Conclusion of session 3: summary and further questions



Saturday, 15 September (Lecture Hall, Italian School)


Session 4: Animals, meat, and meals

9.30-10.15                   Christophe Chandezon, Université Paul Valéry-Montpellier, “Animal Care in                               Greek Sanctuaries”

10.15-11.00                 Michael MacKinnon, University of Winnipeg, “What’s for Dinner? The ‘Menu’                            in Greek Sanctuaries”

11.00-11.30                 Coffee

11.30-12.15                 Sandrine Huber, Université de Lorraine, “Logistics in Hecatombs and Other                                 Large-Scale Sacrifices”

12.15-13.00                 Petra Pakkanen, Stockholm University, “Handling of Hides and Skins in                                       Greek Sanctuaries: A Sacred or Profane Business?”

13.15-13.45                 Conclusion of session 4: summary and further questions


13.45-15.30                 Lunch


Session 5:      Drinking: water and wine

15.30-16.15                 Patrik Klingborg, Uppsala University, “Water Beyond the Ritual in Greek                                                Sanctuaries”

15.45-16.30                 Floris van den Eijnde, Universiteit Utrecht, “Drinking with the Gods: Some                                 Implications of Wine Consumption in Greek Sanctuaries”

16.30-17.00                 Coffee

17.00-17.45                 Marek Wȩcowski, University of Warsaw, “Elite and Non-Elite Drinking in                                                 Greek Sanctuaries”

17.45-18.15                 Conclusion of session 5: summary and further questions


20.30                           Dinner for speakers






Sunday, 16 September (Lecture Hall, Italian School)


Session 6: Keeping Order: equipment and maintenance

9.30-10.15                   David Scahill, University of Athens, “Stone Tables and Stone Benches:

                                    The Interior Decoration of Greek Stoas as Multipurpose Buildings”

10.15-11.00                 Ioanna Patera, Jagiellonian University, “Who Uses What: Objects for

                                    Offcials and Objects for Visitors in Greek Sanctuaries”

11.00-11.30                 Coffee

11.30-12.15                 Judith M. Barringer, University of Edinburgh, “Handworkers and Repair in                                  Greek Sanctuaries”

12.15-12.45                 Conclusion of session 6: summary and further questions

12.45-13.15                 Final discussion and concluding remarks



Invited discussant

Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge (Collège de France/Université de Liège)



With the kind support of:

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond



Gunnel Ekroth, Department of archaeology and ancient history, Uppsala University


Judith Barringer, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Edinburgh University (J.M.Barringer@ed.ac.uk)

David Scahill, Lecturer, Dept. of History and Archaeology, University of Athens




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