Shannon LaFayette Quest for the Homeric Palaces: Archaeological Expeditions at Troy, Mycenae, and Pylos
Sponsored by University of Akron
Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 6:00pm

Folk Hall
Akron, OH
United States

Thursday, November 4     6:00 pm    Folk Hall (Art Building)

Shannon LaFayette, University of Cincinnatti

                                           Quest for the Homeric Palaces: Archaeological Expeditions at Troy, Mycenae, and Pylos


When businessman and adventurer Heinrich Schliemann announced that he had found Priam’s citadel, Troy, and Agamemnon’s citadel, Mycenae, he dared the archaeological community to hope that Homer could be used to reconstruct the history of a period, which lacks its own, contemporary history books. Later excavations by archaeologist Carl Blegen uncovered another tremendous site: the Palace of Nestor at Pylos. Archaeological evidence including ceramics, fortifications, weapons, wall paintings, bones, and bathtubs paint a varied and dynamic picture of an ancient way of life. In a review of the evidence discovered by Schliemann and Blegen we will ask and attempt to answer the question: can we really prove Homer’s tale and use his epics as history?


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