Limited Proxy Designation Form

*For delegates voting absentee only*

If you are unable to attend the Council meeting in person, please submit an absentee ballot to ensure your vote is counted in this year’s election. You may also choose to appoint a limited proxy to represent you at Council if any additional nominations, amendments to the proposed changes to the regulations, or other voting items that were not included on the absentee ballot are proposed.

Article V, Section 3 of the AIA Regulations states:

Any member of the Council, except an officer of the Institute, may, if unable to be present at the Annual Meeting, vote by absentee ballot on any nominations, amendments to Regulations, or resolutions submitted to them by the Executive Director in advance of the Annual Meeting. Absentee ballots containing all voting items indicated on the preliminary agenda will be sent to all named delegates before the meeting of Council and must be returned to the Executive Director before the meeting. This absentee ballot may include a limited proxy to a named individual, or the President of the Institute. In the event that additional nominations or amendments to regulations are made or other items requiring a vote are offered at the Annual Meeting of the Council, only those present at Council and designated proxies will be eligible to vote on those positions and issues. Designations of limited proxies are strongly encouraged and must be made in writing before the meeting of Council.

To appoint a limited proxy, please complete this form and return it to AIA-HQ along with your absentee ballot. You may designate the AIA President as your limited proxy (Jodi Magness, North Carolina Society). Limited proxies must be in attendance at the Council Meeting to fulfill their appointment. 

 Completed forms are due on Friday, December 14, 2018.

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