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Dealing with the Fringe: Archaeological Thinking About Everything from Ancient Aliens to Viking Runestones

This lighthearted, heavily illustrated presentation examines how archaeologists think about why people make and believe fantastic claims explaining the distant past. From ancient alien interventions to Pre-Columbian transoceanic explorations—especially those pesky Vikings and their runestones supposedly found in present-day Oklahoma—how well do such claims hold up under the scrutiny of evidence and critical thinking? Come […]

T-Doors, Tri-Walls, and Sub-Floors: Southwestern Examples of Clunky Evidence in the Age of Big Data

In Southwestern archaeology, pottery has always held pride-of-place for both quantity and quality of archaeological data. Pottery defines the basic "culture areas," and changes in pottery track much of the history we infer for those regions. Other, larger, clunkier evidence is worth a look: Architecture, for example. Various "types" of buildings -- as valid as […]

Archaeological Value of Suvannabhumi–Postponed

Prayer Hall of Mu Thin Village Mu Thin Village, Bilin Township, Mon State

This event has been postponed due to COVID-19. Welcoming the International Archaeology Day 2020, this event will be held for two days in Mu Thin Village of Bilin Township, Mon State, Myanmar. This event will be held from 10, 11 October 2020. Mu Thin Village is land of Archaeological Zone in Mon State of Myanmar. […]

Family Archaeology Day

Bollinger County Museum of Natural History 209 Mayfield Drive, Marble Hill, MO

Arrowhead Fred Bollinger will present a program on flint knapping at 1:00 pm. There will be limited seating at this program. Registration for the flint knapping demonstrations is required. You may call the museum at 573-238-1174, email, or visit our website to register. Face coverings will be required and physical distance seating arrangements […]

Q&A With Archaeologists Series

ROMAN TOILETS: THE BLACK HOLES OF ANCIENT SPACE with Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow What can Roman toilets teach us about daily life in ancient Rome? What does the archaeology of these structures reveal about Roman hygiene, public sanitation, customs related to purity or cleanliness? In a talk that investigates and illustrates some key examples of public […]

The Omrit Excavations in Northern Israel: A Temple on the Border in Roman Syria

Excavations at Omrit in northern Israel (1999-2011 Temple Excavations and 2012-2017 Settlement Excavations) revealed a major Roman and Byzantine site featuring a 3-phase podium temple and highly decorated residential/commercial space. Debates continue as to whether or not the temple is the northern Augusteum mentioned by Josephus (Ant. XV, 363-64) as “near the Paneion” (modern Banias). […]

Q&A With Archaeologists Series

THE LEPERS IN THE LAB: HUMAN SKELETONS FROM AN EARLY CHRISTIAN CEMETERY IN THEBES, GREECE with Maria A. Liston This webinar presents evidence for the late Roman/early Byzantine leprosy epidemic that affected Thebes, and probably a much wider area of Greece. It also will look at individuals who were buried in two mass graves, suggesting […]