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Climate Change and Migrating Farmers: The Spread of Agriculture to Southern Europe

Farming spread from its center of origin in western Asia to southern Europe at the beginning of the Holocene. This phenomenon has prompted many questions. Why did farming spread when it did? Who brought it to southern Europe, and by what means? Migrant farmers from western Asia reached the Aegean before 9,000 cal BP (c. […]

What Does the Archaeological Record Reveal About the Human Experience of Past Epidemics?

Chicago, IL

The current Covid-19 pandemic provides a dramatic example of the numerous, and mostly negative, health and social outcomes of epidemics. Research on past epidemics provides a temporal depth to our understanding of our current experience, gives context and illuminates the consequences of epidemics in general. This temporal depth is crucial for predicting how epidemics might […]

Map is not territory: culture-history and archaeology in the Aegean Bronze Age

Pick up any book on early Greek history or archaeology, and you will read about Bronze Age people called Minoans and Mycenaeans. Who were the Minoans, and who were the Mycenaeans? It’s become increasingly clear that these questions aren’t as easy to answer as we might think. These classifications aren’t simply empirical ‘facts’ about the […]