2-3 Months Before Your Archaeology Fair

Begin designing all of your signage, as well as other posters you may want to distribute.  For the fair, we recommend two types of posters/signs, plus a program: general poster(s) to place at the venue (and surrounding area) on the day of the fair to remind people that the event is taking place; smaller posters for each individual table that includes the name of the organization and the title of the presentation/activity (we often do 8.5 by 11 inches for this); and a program with a list of the presenters and the descriptions of their presentations. 

You may have your own preference for what program to use for design; we use InDesign, Publisher, and Powerpoint.  Keep in mind that large format printing (especially color printing) can be quite expensive, so design appropriately sized posters and decide when color is most helpful. On each of the printouts, include the logos and names of the organizations putting together the event, the date, time, location, cost, and sponsor information (if any).

Sample Main Poster (pdf)
Sample Table Sign Template (publisher)
Sample Table Sign Template (powerpoint)

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