Grants and Fellowships Awarded

List of recent recipients of research grants (pre-doctoral and professional) in archaeology.

  • Irene Rosenzweig / Samuel H. Kress Foundation Pre-Doctoral Rome Prize (American Academy in Rome)
    Recipient: Elizabeth Robinson ,
    Project: Larinum: A Case Study for the Romanization of Southern Italy
    The project looks at the Romanization of southern Italy, using Larinum as a case study. An important non-Roman center in the fourth and third centuries BCE, the site was incorporated into the Roman state in the first century BCE. Examining extant historical and epigraphical sources and archaeological remains, the aim is to construct a comprehensive picture of continuity and change at Larinum over a period of several centuries. The project will generate a local history of the site during a time of significant cultural and political change, in efforts to better understand ways that the people of Larinum navigated the transition from local autonomy to being a part of the Roman state.
  • Etruscan Foundation Research Fellowship (2009)
    Recipient: Hilary Becker,
    Project: A Reinvestigation of the Material Excavated from the Twin Sanctuaries of Fortuna and Mater Matuta