New Books by AIA Members
New Perspectives on Etruria and Early Rome: In Honor of Richard Daniel De Puma

by Sinclair Bell and Helen Nagy, eds.

University of Wisconsin Press (May, 2009)

This impressive collection brings to light the works of international scholars, some previously unavailable to an English-language audience. With new information and assessments about the art, architecture, and archaeology of one of the most dynamic periods in the history of the ancient world—the transition between pre-Roman and Roman Italy—these scholars focus on ancient Italy and the wider Mediterranean. Shedding new light on the evidence of well-known and recently excavated sites and the objects they have yielded—their iconography, manufacturing techniques, and afterlives—this collection follows the first archaeological traces of the rise of ancient Italy to its rediscovery in the Renaissance and its reinvention in contemporary fiction, offering a vibrant contribution to classical studies.

Paying tribute to Richard Daniel De Puma, a scholar who has made significant and influential contributions to Etruscan and Roman studies, the contributors to this collection echo the ambition and creativity of his work while offering an up-to-date survey of contemporary Etruscan scholarship. In surveying new developments in both fields, the work collected here represents the diverse, interdisciplinary interests of De Puma as well as areas of recent groundbreaking research.