New Books by AIA Members
KOINE: Mediterranean Studies in Honor of R. Ross Holloway

by Derek B. Counts and A. S. Tuck

Oxbow/Joukowsky Institute (January, 2009)


The Oxford English Dictionary defines koine as 'a set of cultural or other attributes common to various groups'. This volume merges an academic career over a half century in breadth and scope with an editorial vision that brings together a chorus of scholarly contributions echoing the core principles of R. Ross Holloway's own unique perspective on ancient Mediterranean studies. Through broadly conceived themes, the four individual sections of this volume (I. A View of Classical Art: Iconography in Context; II. Crossroads of the Mediterranean: Cultural Entanglements Across the Connecting Sea; III. Coins as Culture: Art and Coinage from Sicily; and IV. Discovery and Discourse, Archaeology and Interpretation) are an attempt to capture the many and varied trajectories of thought that have marked his career and serve as testimony to the significance of his research. The twenty-four papers (plus four introductory essays to the individual sections, biographical sketch and main introduction) contain recent research on the subjects from the Kleophrades Painter to the Black Sea, Sicilian Coinage and archaeology in modern Rome.

247p, 137 b/w images (Oxbow Books 2009)