New Books by AIA Members
Eternal Flame Numerology of Redemption

by Dr. Reese Powell PHD

Xlibris Corporation (March, 2010)

Dr. Reese Powell Sr. is the author of The Eternal Flame Numerology of Redemption book published by Xlibris Corporation 03/31/2011, which is for sale online with Barnes & Noble’s Book stores,, and Christian Book Distributors and over 200,000 other online bookstores in the Unites States and UK. Readers are saying this book will answer your questions about the phenomenal Bible Codes called (gematria), interpretive Jewish numerology, while revealing awesome New Code Discoveries, such as the Mystery of the Eternal Flame on Mt. Sinai, Numerology of Redemption, and the Gospel John 3:16 and My name is Legion, the possible day for dooms, and many others, hidden in the scriptures. This is one of those rare books that are interesting and profound, learned and readable. The wisdom and compassion of the author is evident in those subtle ways that do not intrude on the readers, but give them the satisfaction of knowing that a rich, warm, productive lifetime of experience is flavoring the text.