New Books by AIA Members
Excavations at Sissi. Preliminary Report on the 2007-2008 Excavations (Aegis 1)

by J. Driessen, I. Schoep, F. Carpentier, I. Crevecoeur, M. Devolder, F. Driessen-Gaignerot, H. Fiasse, P. Hacigüzeller, S. Jusseret, C. Langohr, Q. Letesson and A. Schmitt

AEGIS-Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies, Universitaires de Louvain (January, 2009)

Preliminary report on the 2007-2008 excavations at the Minoan site of Sissi in eastern Crete, by the Universities of Louvain and Leuven and Belgian School at Athens.