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Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age

by Daniel J. Pullen, ed.

Oxbow Books, Oxford, UK (May, 2010)

The contributions to this volume were originally delivered at the Spring 2007 Langford Conference entitled “Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age,” held at the Florida State University in Tallahassee 22–24 February 2007. Papers were circulated in advance, and a response prepared by James Wright. Subsequently the papers and the response were revised for publication. 1. Introduction: Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age (Daniel J. Pullen) 2. Beyond the Peer: Social Interaction and Political Evolution in the Bronze Age Aegean (William A. Parkinson) 3. Spirit of Place: Minoan Houses as Major Actors (Jan Driessen) 4. Making Elites: Political Economy and Elite Culture(s) in Middle Minoan Crete (Ilse Schoep) 5. From the Kinship Economy to the Palatial Economy: The Argolid in the Second Millennium BC (Sofia Voutsaki) 6. Political Economies in Ritual: A Comparative Study of the Rise of the State in Pre- and Protopalatial Knossos and Phaistos (Joanne M. A. Murphy) 7. Reevaluating Staple and Wealth Finance at Mycenaean Pylos (Dimitri Nakassis) 8. Seafaring in the Bronze Age Aegean: Evidence and Speculation (Cheryl A. Ward) 9. Between and Beyond: Political Economy in Non-palatial Mycenaean Worlds (Thomas F. Tartaron) 10. Citadel and Sett lement: A Developing Economy at Mycenae, the Case of Petsas House 184 (Kim Shelton) 11. Living from Pots? Ceramic Perspectives on the Economies of Prepalatial Crete (Peter M. Day, Maria Relaki, and Simona Todaro) 12. Wedging Clay: Combining Competing Models of Mycenaean Pott ery Industries (Michael L. Galaty) 13. Political Economies in the Aegean Bronze Age: A Response (James C. Wright)