New Books by AIA Members

List and brief description of recent and forthcoming books authored by the AIA membership.

by Nathan T. Elkins
Oxford University Press (August, 2017)
This book takes the entire imperial coinage program issued by the mint of Rome to examine the "self-representation," and, by extension, the policies and ideals of Nerva's regime. The brevity of Nerva's reign and the problems of...
by Sinclair Bell and Pauline Ripat, editors
Institute of Classical Studies (June, 2018)
Sport and Social Identity in Classical Antiquity: Studies in Honour of Mark Golden. [=Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 61-1.] London: Institute of Classical Studies, 2018. Contents: Sinclair Bell (Northern Illinois University...
by L. C. Nevett (ed.)
University of Michigan Press (April, 2017)
In the modern world, objects and buildings speak eloquently about their creators. Status, gender identity, and cultural affiliations are just a few characteristics we can often infer about such material culture. But can we make similar deductions...
by James O'Kon PE
KDP Publishing (June, 2017)
Imagine Thai or Indian food without chili peppers and modern life without the Industrial Revolution or the Emancipation Proclamation. Think of the life without the internet or cell phones. All of these items that shape the modern world would...
by Theresa McDonald, PhD.,
IAS Publications, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland (November, 2016)
Detailed Guide to 85 sites of archaeological and historic interest, including photographs and figures plus a fold-out map showing the locations of each site. Over 100 pages in total. Table of Contents: Introduction to Achill, Achillbeg and the...