New Books by AIA Members

List and brief description of recent and forthcoming books authored by the AIA membership.

by J. Driessen, I. Schoep, F. Carpentier, I. Crevecoeur, M. Devolder, F. Driessen-Gaignerot, H. Fiasse, P. Hacigüzeller, S. Jusseret, C. Langohr, Q. Letesson and A. Schmitt
AEGIS-Aegean Interdisciplinary Studies, Universitaires de Louvain (January, 2009)
Preliminary report on the 2007-2008 excavations at the Minoan site of Sissi in eastern Crete, by the Universities of Louvain and Leuven and Belgian School at Athens.
by Saro Wallace
Cambridge University Press (June, 2010)
‘Ancient Greece’ with its associations of city states, democratic governance, and iconic material culture, can no longer be envisaged as a uniform geographical or historical entity. The Classical city-states of Crete differed...
by Sheila Dillon, Duke University
Cambridge University Press (February, 2010)
In this book, Sheila Dillon offers the first detailed analysis of the female portrait statue in the Greek world from the 4th century BCE to the 3rd century CE. A major component of Greek sculptural production, particularly in the Hellenistic...
by Philip P. Betancourt
INSTAP Academic Press (February, 2009)
This book focuses on economic and social changes, particularly during the opening phase of the Minoan civilization on the island of Crete. New developments in ceramics that reached Crete at the end of the Neolithic period greatly contributed to...
by Daniel J. Pullen, ed.
Oxbow Books, Oxford, UK (May, 2010)
The contributions to this volume were originally delivered at the Spring 2007 Langford Conference entitled “Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age,” held at the Florida State University in Tallahassee 22–24 February 2007....