New Books by AIA Members

List and brief description of recent and forthcoming books authored by the AIA membership.

by Daniel J. Pullen, ed.
Oxbow Books, Oxford, UK (May, 2010)
The contributions to this volume were originally delivered at the Spring 2007 Langford Conference entitled “Political Economies of the Aegean Bronze Age,” held at the Florida State University in Tallahassee 22–24 February 2007....
by R. Angus K. Smith
INSTAP Academic Press (April, 2010)
Excavations carried out at two Late Minoan III sites at Mochlos in eastern Crete yielded a pottery assemblage from 31 tombs and 11 houses, which are cataloged, discussed, and illustrated together with petrographic analyses. The cemetery remains...
by Monika Trümper
Oxbow Books (December, 2009)
This book critically examines the existence and identification of purpose-built slave markets in the Graeco-Roman world from a cross-cultural perspective. It investigates whether certain ancient monuments were designed specifically for use as...