New Books by AIA Members

List and brief description of recent and forthcoming books authored by the AIA membership.

by Christina Luke and Morag M. Kersel
Routledge (January, 2013)
Archaeology’s links to international relations are well known: launching and sustaining international expeditions requires the honed diplomatic skills of ambassadors. U.S. foreign policy depends on archaeologists to foster mutual...
by Elizabeth C. Banks
American School of Classical Studies at Athens (May, 2013)
In 1995 Jeremy B. Rutter presented the pottery of the Fourth Settlement at Lerna in Lerna III: The Pottery of Lerna IV. The new volume is the companion to the Rutter volume, outlining the architectural sequence of the EH III period at the site with...
by Sylvian Fachard
ERETRIA Series, volume XXI, Excavations and researches, publication of the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece, Infolio editions, Gollion. (September, 2012)
Beyond its city-walls, Eretria encompassed one of the largest territories of the Greek World. This chora, called "Eretriad", was an agricultural and economic space essential to the city-state's subsistence. Recently, non-intensive...
by Asif Efrat
Oxford University Press (July, 2012)
 The book offers a theoretical frameowrk that explains why certain governments are willing to combat illicit trade, while others are reluctant to do so. This theory is applied to the efforts against the illicit trade in antiquities. The...
by Edited by Sinclair Bell and Teresa Ramsby
Bloomsbury Academic (March, 2012)
How did freed slaves reinvent themselves after the shackles of slavery had been lifted? How were they reintegrated into society, and what was their social position and status? What contributions did they make to the society that had once - sometimes...