New Books by AIA Members

List and brief description of recent and forthcoming books authored by the AIA membership.

by Kathleen M. Lynch
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens (October, 2011)
This book presents the first well-preserved set of sympotic pottery which served a Late Archaic house in the Athenian Agora. The deposit contains household and fine-ware pottery, nearly all the figured pieces of which are forms associated with...
by Betsey A. Robinson
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens (July, 2011)
The Peirene Fountain as described by its first excavator, Rufus B. Richardson, is “the most famous fountain of Greece.” Here is a retrospective of a wellspring of Western civilization, distinguished by its long history, service to a...
by Dr. Reese Powell PHD
Xlibris Corporation (March, 2010)
Dr. Reese Powell Sr. is the author of The Eternal Flame Numerology of Redemption book published by Xlibris Corporation 03/31/2011, which is for sale online with Barnes & Noble’s Book stores,, and Christian Book...
by William M. Murray
Oxford University Press (January, 2012)
While we know a fair amount about naval strategies in the classical Greek and later Roman periods, our understanding of the period in between--the Hellenistic Age--has never been as complete. Thanks to new physical evidence discovered in the past...
by Catalin Pavel
University of Bucharest Press (December, 2010)
Sixty case studies of archaeological recording are presented with commentary from methodological and epistemological perspectives. Procedures and pro forma used by teams from around the world, working at sites in the US, Europe and the Near East are...