Fieldnotes: Digital Resources
Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia)

Project Troia, the joint University of Cincinnati and University of Tuebingen excavations at Ilion, as the site was known in the Greek and Roman periods, has cataloged a great variety of ceramic finds. This digital publication is a guide to the Greek through Byzantine ceramics found at the site. It consists of catalogs that illustrate items from the Geometric through Byzantine periods, including decorated finewares, slipped tablewares, utilitarian vessels and lamps and transport amphoras. By date, the material spans from the early Iron Age in the tenth century BC to the late fifteenth century AD, when a small Byzantine settlement was finally abandoned. The largest gap is from the early seventh through thirteenth centuries, when the city lay largely abandoned following decline that set in after an early sixth century earthquake. As material is added, the catalogs will become a comprehensive resource for the study of pottery from Ilion. When available, high-resolution images and profile drawings accompany catalog entries.