Fieldnotes: Digital Resources
Digital Resources, American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Since its founding in 1881, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens has amassed a huge collection of both published and unpublished information. This includes books, journals, photographs, excavation notebooks, personal papers, maps, and scientific data sets. One of the major initiatives of the School in recent years has been to digitize these resources into an ASCSA Digital Library, which is actually a collection of several databases either administered directly by the School or in conjunction with other institutions. This page provides a central point of access to these major digital resources. ASCSA Multimedia Presentations AMBROSIA: The Union Catalogue of the Libraries Interdepartmental Database of the Agora and Corinth Excavations Alison Frantz Photographic Collection Archaeological Photographic Collection Dorothy Burr Thompson Collection Historical Archives of the Gennadius Library Scrapbooks of John (Joannes) Gennadius Mapping Mediterranean Lands