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The Yangguanzhai Project, China

Location: Xi'an, China

June 23, 2013 to July 27, 2013

Session dates: 
Single session

Application Deadline: 
Monday, July 1, 2013

Deadline Type: 
Exact date

Program Type

Field school

RPA certified



Institute for Field Research, UCLA, Connecticut College

Project Director:

Dr. Ye Wa, UCLA, Dr. Zhouyong Sun, Shaanxi Institute of Archaeology

Project Description

The Yangguanzhai Neolithic site in the Wei River Valley was discovered in 2004. Located in the area from which the earliest Chinese dynasties emerged, the site contains rich deposits of Neolithic houses, storage pits, ceramic kilns, children’s burials, trash pits, and a large moat. Excavated artifacts include decorated and undecorated pottery, stone tools, and various ornaments made of stone, ceramic, bone, and shell. Yangguanzhai is located in the central area of what archeologists call the “Yangshao Culture Miaodigou Phase” and provides essential information of Neolithic settlement, social organization, economic, and possibly ritual activities.  Excavations and lectures during the 2013 season will provide vital insight into the prehistoric Chinese past. 

Period(s) of Occupation: Yangshao, Neolithic

Project size: 
1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: Entire duration of field school

Minimum age: 
18 years old

Experience required: 
No prior experience required

Room and Board Arrangements

Students will stay in the Cuiyuan Hotel at Xi’bei University, Xi’an, for the first week. While working at Yangguanzhai, students will stay at the Mingzhu Hotel, which is a 15 minute drive to the site. Both hotels are double occupancy, air-conditioned with private showers and toilets.
Food is provided Monday through Saturday (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Students are responsible for their own meals on Sundays.
Please let us know when you apply for this program if you have special dietary needs, as well as any medical or physical conditions. We will advise you accordingly. The project is used to catering for vegetarians, those with gluten intolerance etc.

Academic Credit

Name of institution offering credit: 
Connecticut College
Number of credits offered 8 semester credit units


Contact Information
Ran Boytner
1855 Industrial Street Unit 106
Los Angeles
United States