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Dolmen of Quinta do Freixo, Redondo (Alentejo), Portugal (2013)

Location: Redondo, Portugal

July 7, 2013 to August 3, 2013

Session dates: 
1st session: July 7th – 20th, and 2nd session: July 21st – August 3rd

Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Deadline Type: 
Contact for details

Program Type

Field school

RPA certified



PortAnta, Association for Iberian Archaeology

Project Director:

Rui Mataloto, Municipality of Redondo, and Rui Boaventura, PortAnta

Project Description

Throughout the Alentejo region (Portugal) thousands of dolmens can be seen scattering the landscape. Some of these tombs have been excavated, from which votive artifacts and sometimes human remains were recovered. Within a cluster of tombs in the Redondo area of Alentejo, the dolmen of Quinta do Freixo has not yet been properly studied. In 2012 season, the excavation has revealed a tomb where at the corridor some ceramic recipients have been deposited. Also, that the chamber seems to be well preserved with little signs of being robbed. This year’s season of fieldwork (2013) will proceed with the excavation and trying to better understand the cultural and chronological context in which the tomb was built and used, and how many depositions can be found inside the chamber tomb. Field school participants will receive instruction in excavation and surveying techniques, the handling and processing of artifacts, and the drawing of exposed archaeological features. Graduate students and undergraduates serious about pursuing a career in archaeology and bioarchaeology are encouraged to apply. Program will run for four weeks with the possibility of 2 two week sessions. All applications will be considered, but preference will be given to applicants for 4 weeks session

Period(s) of Occupation: Late Neolithic

Megaliths, Mortuary practices

Project size: 
1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 2 weeks

Minimum age: 

Experience required: 

Room and Board Arrangements

Participants will be housed at the town of Redondo and will sleep in bunk beds and have a shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Breakfast and lunch are provided on weekdays. Students will need to provide their own meals for dinners and on weekends (grocery stores and restaurant are in easy walking distance). Students with special dietary restrictions or needs must contact us prior to the start of the project.
Transportation to and from Portugal is at the participant's expense although transportation to and from the site, as well as field trips are provided by the project.
Also, transportation to and from Lisbon will be provided according to a set date and schedule.

€700 per 2 week; €1,300 per 4 week session

Academic Credit

Number of credits offered: none


Contact Information
Rui Boaventura
Praça Augusto Cabrita, 1, 4ºD