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Ancient Greek and Roman Pack


June 29, 2014 to August 31, 2014

Session dates: 
1: 29 June - 16 August, 2014; 2: 29 June - 31 August, 2014; 3: 14 July - 16 August, 2014; 4: 14 July - 31 August, 2014

Application Deadline: 
Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flyer: PDF icon bhfs_brochure_2014.pdf

Program Type

Field school



Balkan Heritage Foundation, National Institution Stobi, Pistiros Excavation Team: National Archaeological Institute with Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Regional Museum of History, Pazardzhik, "Prof. Mieczyslaw Domaradzki" Archaeological Museum in Septemvri and New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria); "Pistiros" Association; University of Liverpool (England); Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic).

Project Director:

Silvana Blazhevska (Director of NI Stobi, archaeologist); Ass. Prof. Alexey Gotsev, PhD in Archaeology, Department of Thracian Archaeology, National Institute of Archaeology and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Director of Pistiros Excavation Team. Prof. Jan Bouzek, PhD in Archaeology, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic; Dig Director of the Czech Excavation Team at the emporion Pistiros; Ass. Prof. Zofia H. Archibald, PhD in Archaeology; University of Liverpool - Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology Department, Great Britain; Dig Director of the British Excavation Team at the emporion Pistiros.

Project Description

The pack is combination of two Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) projects focused on Ancient Greek and Roman Archaeology, History and Culture. It provides to either students or people interested in Archaeology and Ancient Greek and Roman World comprehensive experience (from four to eight weeks, covering the Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Early Byzantine periods) at two different sites in two neighboring European countries: Emporion Pistiros in Bulgaria and Stobi in Macedonia. What is more choosing to participate in the pack’s proposals the BHFS participants will benefit from the considerably reduced admission fees and faster registration.

The PACK combines the following Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) projects:
  1. Stobi (Macedonia Secunda) Excavations, Macedonia (STOBI.EXC 14)
  2. Ancient Greeks in the Land of Dionysos - Excavation of Emporion Pistiros in Thrace, Bulgaria (PIS.EXC 14)

All the details concerning the field schools and the excursion - the archaeological sites, project venues, traveling information, field school agendas, programs and project teams, special requirements, food and board arrangements, etc. are specified on the web pages  listed above! Our admission officer Mrs. Anna Parmakova is ready to answer all your questions concerning the ANCIENT GREEK AND ROMAN PACK!

Period(s) of Occupation: Classical Antiquity - Classical and Hellenistic, Roman, Late Roman (Fifth century BC - Sixth century AD)

ANCIENT GREEK AND ROMAN PACK is a project combination providing a perfect “playground” for an archaeological overview of the Classical Archaeology in two Balkan countries: Emporion Pistiros (in the heart of Thrace, Bulgaria), as an important trade center where Greeks and Thracians were exchanging goods, later destroyed by the Celts, and Stobi (Macedonia) as impressive Roman city, occupying territory of over 27 hectares with temple of Isis, Roman theater, late Roman basilicas, synagogue, necropolis etc. An optional excursion to Pella and Vergina in Greece, is available between the project sessions.

Project size: 
1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: Two (2) sessions

Minimum age: 

Experience required: 

Room and Board Arrangements

Pack's locations: Stobi, Macedonia and Varvara, Bulgaria. Participants in the pack will be expected to arrive first in Stobi, Macedonia.
At Stobi: Participants will be accommodated in the recently renovated air-conditioned cabins at the archaeological base next to the ancient ruins of Stobi, in rooms with two to three beds. Every cabin has 4 bedrooms + living room, 2 bathrooms with showers and WC. A washing machine and Wi-Fi are available for free. Three meals (fresh, homemade food) per day are covered by the admission fee.
At Varvara: Participants will be accommodated in comfortable rooms with two to three beds (bathrooms with shower and WC), equipped with air-conditioning and TV in a local guest house located very close to Varvara Mineral Baths. The guest house has a small swimming pool with mineral water and provides cheap laundry service and free Wi-Fi.. Requests for vegetarian food are accepted.

Starting from €2,420 (app. $3,140. Check current exchange rates!)

Academic Credit

Name of institution offering credit: 
New Bulgarian University
Number of credits offered 6/9 credit hours
Starting from €345
Contact Information
Ms. Anna Parmakova
204 Sveta Troitsa St.
Stara Zagora
+ + 359 877 725 052