Somaliland Heritage
Partnership Opportunity

Location: Berbera, Somalia


Somaliland Heritage Program is a program designed by A NGO (Community Development), An NGO which was founded by Diaspora youth in the year 2012 that were triggered by the 'undeveloping society' as they quoted meaning Somalilanders carry their cultural heritage in their mind instead of jotting it down which we explained it to be a catastrophe. Our mandate is to improve the standards of the heritage through civic educate, The following are the mandate of (SHP);

To educate the Somaliland Public of the Historical Background of their country and people

To teach the Somaliland Public the Essence of their cultural heritage

To partner up with prominent archeology stakeholders

To discover the 1,000 archaeological sites that are yet still to be revealed as quoted last year by the first and only archaeologist Somaliland Sada Mire

To build the base of the country's resources in order to develop the base of the country e.g. the infrastructure

To implement and participate in the establishment of the first national museum which is yet to be established

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