Erimi Archaeological Project

This listing expired on July 30, 2019. Please contact for any updated information.

Location: Erimi, CY

Season: August 4, 2019 to August 24, 2019

Application Deadline: March 31, 2019

Deadline Type: Exact date


Program Type:
Field school

RPA Certified:

Università di Torino - Dipartimento Studi Umanistici

Project Director:
Prof. Luca Bombardieri

Project Description:

The Erimi Archaeological Project is conducted by the Italian team of the University of Torino, directed by Prof. Luca Bombardieri. The project aims at investigating the socio-cultural and economic developments of the prehistoric community of Erimi-Laonin tou Porakouduring Middle Bronze Age Cyprus (c. 1960-1650 BC). This represents a key-period of Cypriot prehistory to examine the passage from the village-based rural society of Early Bronze Age Cyprus to the urban society of Late Bronze Age Cyprus.  For this reason, the major aim of the research program at Erimi is to examine the antecedents of the island-wide urbanisation process of LC II-III, in order to possibly set this fundamental phenomenon within a wider chronological and cultural framework. To accomplish so, interdisciplinary and multi-scalar analyses are being applied to the examination of the study context. This scientific methodological approach permits to generate new networked data to the study of Cypriot Bronze Age societies. 

Period(s) of Occupation: Middle Bronze Age Cyprus (c. 1960-1650 BC)

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 3 weeks

Minimum Age: 22

Experience Required: Prior experience in archaeological fieldwork is mandatory

Room and Board Arrangements:
Students and team members will stay at the ErImi Primary School, which has been used as project fieldwork centre since 2013. The structure has good communal facilities, including a big kitchen, toilets, showers and an outdoor dining and social space. Students and team members will be housed in shared dorm rooms on inflatable camping beds. All meals will be communal events and will be based on local food and cuisine. Vegetarian/vegan are catered for. Cost: Selected students have to pay for their flight tickets and insurance. Room and board are included in the costs.

Contact Information:

Dr Marialucia Amadio

Via Via S. Ottavio, 20 - 10124


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