Summer School of Archaeology (Italy)

This listing expired on April 30, 2018. Please contact for any updated information.

Location: Abruzzo - Celano, IT

Season: July 8, 2018 to August 4, 2018

Application Deadline: April 30, 2018

Deadline Type: Exact date


Program Type:
Field school

RPA Certified:

University of Pisa, Italy, in collaboration with the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Abruzzo and the support of other centers and Universities: University of Lecce, ICCOM-CNR U.O.S. of Pisa and INGV of Rome

Project Director:
University of Pisa in collaboration with the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Abruzzo (Italy)

Project Description:

Dear colleagues,

A new call for applications is now open for the summer program of the 2018 Archaeological School in Abruzzo (Italy) organized by University of Pisa.

After the positive results obtained in the previous years, also this year the university of Pisa with the important collaboration of the Superintendence for the Archaeological Heritage of Abruzzo and with the support of other centers and Universities: University of Lecce,  ICCOM-CNR U.O.S. of Pisa and INGV of Rome has chosen to continue supporting this summer program.

The aim of the school is to increase awareness and competencies about archaeological and methodological issues through an intensive four weeks program of lectures, laboratory experiences and field activities.

This program is a new approach in studying and understanding of ancient civilizations and offers its participants a diachronic (multi-period) approach to the study of archaeology. The school gives to the students the opportunity to  work in two different excavations and practise different archaeological research methods. With this program, students will gain the skills and a deeper knowledge of the archaeology from the prehistoric to the roman period.

– The school will take place in the area of Fucino (Abruzzo) from July 8th to August 4th 2018.

– The registration deadline is April 30th, 2018

Our program give to any participant 10 ECTS (European academic system)

*and is open to undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students.

To apply is necessary to fill and send the application form (downloadable from the website:

Fees: 2150 Euro (cost includes the school activities, accommodation and meals. International travel and all other than not specified are unfortunately not included).

*For non-European students is the administrative office of their University liable for  transfer and recognizing of credits.  In case of need, the administrative office can ask for documents, necessary to facilitate credits transfer, to the Support Summer School office of Pisa University. (Support Summer School office:


We would greatly appreciate if you can pass the information about our program  to your students.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff.

For more information and to apply visit our:


-fb page at:         


Period(s) of Occupation: Neolithic period: COLLE SANTO STEFANO (5800-5400 BC) is an open air site, situated in the southeast corner of the Fucino basin. At the site evidence has been found indicating a very important settlement that, on the basis of materials and radiocarbon dates, is attributable to the Impressed Wear Culture of Adriatic early Neolithic. Roman site: ALBA FUCENS was an early Roman colony  (304 BC), founded at the foot of Monte Velino. After the second Punic war it became a place of detention for important state prisoners.

With a new transversal approach, designed for upper level undergraduate and graduate students, this four weeks includes sistematic excavations in two important sites, Colle S. Stefano (Neolithic site) and Alba Fucens (Roman site), related lectures, laboratory activities on different archaeological remains. Students will gain an advanced understanding of archaeological research techniques and strategies, concurrently basic notions of European archaeology, with special focus on Italy.

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: full session - School dates: from July 8th to August 4th 2018 (deadline 30 April)

Minimum Age: 18

Room and Board Arrangements:
Students will be  housed in the guest-house in the prehistoric museum Celano-Paludi Cost: 2150 Euro (the Archaeological summer school in Abruzzo (Italy) 2018 is a four-week course) (Cost include the school activity, accommodation and meals. International travel and all other than not specified are not included).

Academic Credit:
10 ECTS (280 hours of activities ) credits offered by University of Pisa (Italy). Tuition is .

Contact Information:

Cristiana Petrinelli Pannocchia

University of Pisa





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