Collaborative High-Risk Anthropological and Archaeological Research Program (HRAR)

America for Bulgaria Foundation

November 1, 2012

The American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS) invites proposals for the Collaborative High-Risk Anthropological and Archaeological Research Program (HRAR), to be implemented with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF).

The intent of this program is to encourage scholars to assess the feasibility of an archaeological research project and to use innovative research methods. Proposals with a high risk of failure are less likely to receive funding from traditional research grant programs, but they may also have great potential for the advancement of the discipline. The collaborative high-risk program intends to give an opportunity to risky projects by providing small awards that permit investigators to assess the feasibility of an archaeological research project. Funding is provided for the development of pilot archaeological projects that face challenges related to the implementation of innovative, but untested, research methodologies. The program promotes international collaboration between scholars from Bulgaria and the Balkans with those from the US and other nations in Western Europe.  The intent of the program is to fund archaeological and bioarchaeological research, including fieldwork, museum research, and/or laboratory research.

Projects are required to be collaborative, with at least one Bulgarian co-primary investigator (PI) and one international co-PI from the US or Western Europe. In addition, the project must focus on issues central to Bulgarian or Balkan archaeology. The international co-PI from the US or Western Europe must apply through an accredited institution with which the international researcher is affiliated and to which the grant will be made.  That institution will be responsible for financial oversight of the grant. Since these funds are intended to support preliminary high-risk research, requests for funds should not exceed $30,000 for a one-year period, under normal circumstances. 


At the time of application submission, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements. The Bulgarian co-PI must have a master’s or doctoral degree and English proficiency, and hold a permanent position in a Bulgarian research institute, museum, or university. The American co-PI must have a doctoral degree from an accredited university and hold a position in an accredited US institution, or be an advanced doctoral student in an accredited university. American doctoral students are required to apply as senior personnel with their dissertation advisor and a Bulgarian counterpart as the Primary Investigators. Applications should be made through an institution to which the grant can be awarded, and which will assume financial oversight of the award.


Pre-Application Submission

Prospective applicants must first submit a completed pre-application that briefly presents the co-PIs, the research objectives, project duration, and a high-risk statement, as well as the total amount of their request. Pre-applications should be sent no later than November 1, 2012 to the following e-mail address:

Pre-Application & Full Application Location

The pre-application (HRAR13.1_pre) and full application materials package (HRAR13.1 and HRAR Standard Budget Form) are posted on the website of the American Research Center in Sofia ( and on the website of The Field Museum ( Per request, Dr. Emil Nankov ( and Mrs. Dilyana Ivanova ( can also provide the application package via email.

Full Application Submission

If our review of your initial inquiry is favorable, the program administrator will notify you within one week that you may complete the full application. All full application materials must be received by December 1, 2012. Applications received later than December 1 will not be considered. The most recent form must be used, and it will be available online by the end of the summer. A full application, consisting of a hard copy of the proposal materials and an electronic copy on CD, must be submitted to both of the following addresses:

HRAR Coordinator, Department of Anthropology, The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL, USA 60605-2496 AND Archaeology Program Officer, American Research Center in Sofia, 75 Vasil Petleshkov Str., Sofia 1510, Bulgaria.

­­­­Inquiries about eligibility, pre-application, and full application can be sent in English to or Inquiries in Bulgarian can be addressed to Mrs. Dilyana Ivanova at and Dr. Emil Nankov at

Contact Name: 
Dilyana Ivanova
312 665 7478