ABF Site Preservation, Conservation, and Museum Enhancement Program

America for Bulgaria Foundation

December 1, 2013

Financed by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, the SPCME program encourages site preservation, artifact restoration, museum exhibitions, and infrastructural enhancement, including the development of on-line digital catalogues of museum collections. The program provides up to $50,000 for projects that concern archaeological sites and museum collections in Bulgaria that have suffered from long periods of neglect and are in dire need of restoration. We welcome proposals that stimulate the development of cultural tourism and the Bulgarian economy and encourage proposals that have strong community outreach, educational and innovative components. It is possible to reapply for this funding in subsequent years. ARCS requires cost-sharing on the part of the local institution, which can be raised through municipality and state budgets, regional development programs, local donations, or in-kind support. The amount of cost-sharing is negotiable, but proposals for which at least 10% of the cost is borne by the applicant's home institution have a higher chance of being funded. This program does not provide funds to support research expenses incurred before the date of a grant, or general activities of other institutions or entities, including "overhead expenses" or "indirect costs.”

The Bulgarian applicant must have a master’s or doctoral degree and must hold a permanent position in a Bulgarian research institute, museum, or university. Applications should be made through an institution to which the grant can be awarded, and which will assume financial oversight of the award. Applicants may submit more than one application per funding season.

Please visit our website to submit an application online.

Contact Name: 
Dilyana Ivanova
(312) 665-7478