AIA – ARCA Postgraduate Study Grant

Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA)

April 15, 2014

To support the work that the AIA and its membership, the Association for Research into Crimes against Art (ARCA) is offering current AIA members a $700-$1200 study grant towards tuition in its 2014 Postgraduate Certificate Program in International Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection program which will be held from May 30 through August 15, 2014 in Amelia, Italy.

For a detailed prospectus and information on the application process for this grant and the 2014 program, please contact us at: education (at) and provide us with your AIA membership details.

In its sixth year, this academically intensive ten-week program provides participants with in-depth, postgraduate level instruction in a wide variety of theoretical and practical elements of art and heritage crime.  Students will explore the history of art crime, its impact, and what is currently being done today to mitigate it. Students completing the program earn a professional development postgraduate certificate under the guidance of internationally renowned cultural property protection professionals.

This program exposes participants to an integrated curriculum in a highly interactive, participatory, participation-centered setting. Instructional modules include both lectures and “hands-on” learning from case studies, in situ field classes and group presentations and discussions. At the end of the program, participants will have a solid mastery of a broad array of concepts pertaining to cultural property protection, preservation, conservation, and cultural security.


Students explore such topics as:

Archaeological looting and policy

Art and heritage law

Art and heritage crime in war

Transnational organized crime and the art world

International Art Markets and their Associated Risk

Risk Assessment and Museum Security

Art Policing, Protection and Investigation”               

Art forgery

At the close of the 10-week lecture portion of the program participants complete a considerable piece of written work demonstrating original and significant research and are the awarded ARCA’s postgraduate certificate in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection.


This interdisciplinary program offers substantive study for post-graduate students from the fields of  classics, archaeology, criminology, law, security studies, sociology, history and art history.

Guidelines for the AIA- ARCA Postgraduate Study Grant

The purpose of the AIA- ARCA Postgraduate Study Grant is to provide an alternative study opportunity for archaeology students and classists which will further the develop of skill not touched upon heavily by traditional graduate track specializations.

At the crossroads of science and art, the study of art and heritage crime and its interrelationship with cultural heritage protection demands a familiarity with multiple disciplines.  The ARCA postgraduate certificate program seeks to bring together these disciplines and in doing so, create an academic study environment that allows for participants specializing in a variety of study areas to share knowledge within this particular topical area.  In doing so we hope that  the exchange will foster relationships that we hope will continue throughout our participant’s careers.

In 2014 ARCA will award up to four AIA study grants—available in the form of tuition remission—for promising AIA members with superior academic credentials. These awards, generally average between $700-$1200 per student and cover only a portion of the ARCA program tuition.

Application for the scholarship grant must be made alongside application to the ARCA postgraduate certificate program itself by no later than April 15, 2014. Following the guidelines established for application to the summer program.

In addition, those applying for the AIA-ARCA scholarship grant should compile one additional short essay, outlining their involvement within the AIA at the membership level which addressws how attendance in the ARCA program relates to AIA’s mission by:

  • Describing a current archaeologically based problem in the sector of art crime and cultural heritage protection.
  • How this problem relates to ARCA’s mission and the academic focus of the postgraduate program.
  • Why this problem should be of a concern to both the AIA and ARCA.
Contact Name: 
Lynda Albertson