Scholarship for post-graduate studies

Sylvia Ioannou Foundation

April 30, 2014

The Sylvia Ioannou Foundation announces the 2nd Scholarship Programme for post-graduate studies in the fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences on subjects related to the island of Cyprus.

The amount of the scholarship award is fixed, regardless of tuition, and will cover up to three (3) years, at a maximum. The number of available scholarships and the amount awarded will depend on demonstrated interest and the Foundation's current financial abilities. Awardees will be free to explore additional sources of financing for their studies. Applicants are required to inform the Foundation if they receive another scholarship or grant for the specific post-graduate study for which they are applying, or if they have paid employment ("assistantship") at the University of their choice. In such cases, the Foundation reserves the right to provide a partial instead of full award, or even to cancel the scholarship altogether.

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Dimitris Stefanou