APA Minority Scholarship Program

American Philological Association

December 14, 2011

The American Philological Association (APA) invites applications from minority undergraduate students for a scholarship to be awarded for Summer 2012. The purpose of the scholarship is to further an undergraduate's preparation for graduate work in classics or classical archaeology. Eligible proposals might include (but are not limited to) participation in classical summer programs or field schools in Italy, Greece, Egypt, etc., or language training at institutions in the U.S, Canada, or Europe. The maximum amount of the award will be $4,000.

Candidates will be judged on the basis of (a) their academic qualifications, especially in classics, including demonstrated ability in at least one classical language, or in fields that prepare a student to become an archaeologist, (b) the quality of their proposal for study particularly as preparation for a career in classics or archaeology, and (c) financial need. The application must be supported by a member of the APA, and a statement must be included indicating that this is an appropriate candidate for the purposes of this scholarship.

The receipt deadline for applications is December 14, 2011; results will be announced by the end of January 2012.  Applications must include (1) a completed application form; (2) a letter describing the applicant’s career goals and plans for summer 2012, with a prioritized list of programs applied to; (3) an undergraduate transcript; (4) two letters of recommendation by faculty members or other professionals who have worked with the applicant during the past two years (at least one must be an APA member).  NOTE: Under the classification "minority" we include African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American and Native-American students.  For application forms or further information, please go to the APA's  web page or contact the Minority Scholarship Committee for 2011-2012: 

Sanjaya Thakur
Classics Department
Colorado College
14 E. Cache La Poudre St
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Contact Name: 
Adam D. Blistein, Ph.D., APA Executive Director
 Mario Morales

Mario Morales

Mario Morales is a senior at the University of Rochester, New York, and will use the Scholarship to attend Father Reginald Foster’s Aestiva Latinitas program this summer in East Milwaukee.  The program combines intensive study of Latin prose and poetry with practice in spoken Latin.  Father Foster is an internationally recognized authority on Latin, who hosted this same program in Rome for many years.  Mr. Morales intends to pursue his studies in classics with a focus on colloquial language and satire, and his participation in Aestiva Latinitas will help to reinforce his knowledge of text and spoken language, and his language skills.

Timothy Castillo

This past summer I was able to take a summer intensive course in Greek at the University of Texas at Austin. I had just graduated with a B.A. in Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Trinity University back in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. I had developed an interest in Classics by chance, really. One semester I had room for an elective in my schedule, and I decided to take Latin. “It would be good for me,” I thought at the time. After two semesters of experience with the culture and a few encouraging talks with my professor, I just knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. In the following semesters, I took as many Classics course as I could in order to fulfill the major by the time I graduated. Unfortunately with the way the language courses were scheduled at Trinity, I was unable to get much experience with Greek. Given that I wanted to study Classics at the graduate level, this presented a problem. I decided to take the summer intensive course at the advice of one of my professors. The problem here was the simple matter of a few thousand dollars. Through the APA scholarship, I was able to pay for the majority of the tuition costs at UT-Austin. It was intense, to say the least, but I’m really glad I went through it. We read Herodotus, Lysias, Homer, Euripides, and Plato, and to be able to do that over the course of a single summer is quite an experience. I’m really thankful I was able to have that experience. I’m now pursuing my M.A. in Classics at Tulane University in New Orleans and keeping pace with the other students in my graduate level Greek course. After I’m done here, I plan on getting my Ph.D in Classics in the hopes of becoming a college professor.

Manuel Andino

Manuel Andino

Manuel Andino is an undergraduate of Hunter College-CUNY, majoring in Classical Studies with a focus on Ancient Greek and Latin Language. He expects to graduate with his BA in 2011, and plans to pursue a Master’s in the Teaching of Latin. The APA/AIA Minority Scholarship helped support his first travel to Europe, at the 2009 Classical Summer School Program with the American Academy in Rome. During his six weeks at the Summer School he was immersed in studies on the archaeology, history, and epigraphy of the ancient Roman World.

Click here to read about Manuel’s summer program experience.

 Issis Palomo

Issis Palomo

Issis Palomo is currently a junior undergraduate at Columbia University, majoring in classics. She has been studying Latin and Greek, and, at New York University, Akkadian. She has a particular interest in the intersection of cultures and the dissemination of ideas in the ancient world, and ancient languages in general. The APA/AIA Minority Scholarship will assist Ms. Palomo in attending the 2008 summer program at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The program at ASCSA will combine classroom time with visits to archaeological sites. After finishing her degree at Columbia, Ms. Palomo intends to pursue a doctorate in classics, and ultimately wishes to work in the fields of papyrology and philology, as well as pursue further studies in the ancient Near East.

 James McCaffery

James McCaffery

James McCaffery is a senior at Brooklyn College, working on his B.A. in classics. He has completed studies in Latin and Greek, and has a specialization in Roman history and religion. Besides his studies at Brooklyn College, he is also undertaking independent study at the American Numismatic Society in New York this spring. Mr. McCaffery will be using his APA/AIA Minority Scholarship to attend the American Academy in Rome’s Classical Summer School for 2008. The program offers students the opportunity to study the development and environment of Rome, and trace the evolution of its art and architecture through to the age of Constantine. Mr. McCaffery intends to pursue graduate studies in classics, and plans to teach Roman history and Latin here in the United States.