Publication Preparation Grant

Archaeological Institute of America

Please note that the AIA is no longer offering this grant.


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2013 Recipient

Susan Rotroff, the Jarvis Thurston and Mona Van Duyn Professor in the Humanities with the Department of Classics, Washington University, is the recipient of the 2013 Publication Preparation Grant.  The grant will support the completion of her work on Athenian Moldmade Bowls on Delos: workshops and Inter-site Connections.  This study focuses on about 350 previously unpublished Athenian bowls found in French excavations on the Aegean island of Delos, the second-largest collection of this material after that of the Athenian Agora.  Along with funds from Washington University, the grant will support travel and work at Delos and Athens, and the production of archaeological drawings for the volume.


2012 Recipient

Salima Ikram, Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, is the 2012 recipient of the Publication Preparation Grant. Professor Ikram will use the Grant to prepare for publication the results of 6 years of survey work of the North Kharga Oasis Survey (NKOS), with a special focus on the topographic maps and architectural plans and sections from the central depression of Kharga Oasis, a hitherto unexplored area. The northern area of Kharga contains archaeological sites dating from the prehistoric to the 19th century A.D., the most striking of which are late Roman forts; in addition to the forts, prehistoric sites are numerous and significant. Grant activities will include travel to Milan to meet with project co-director Corinna Rossi, final checking of maps and plans in Kharga, purchase of software for producing large-scale maps, scanning of drawings for publication, and work on text.

Tracey Cullen2011 Recipient

Dr. Tracey Cullen, Editor of Hesperia, is the 2011 recipient of the Publication Preparation Grant.  The grant will support the completion of a manuscript in the series Excavations at Franchthi Cave, Greece, tentatively entitled “Funerary Ritual and Human Biology at Franchthi Cave.” Excavated in the 1960s and 1970s, Franchthi remains a critical site for our understanding of European prehistory. The human burials from the site—the subject of the proposed monograph—provide a window into the social and symbolic world of the cave’s inhabitants, and offer insights into mortuary practices, demography, pathology, and ancient diet. The $5,000 award will be used to produce professional illustrations for the book, and to travel to Greece to consult with coauthor Anastasia Papathanasiou, who is responsible for the osteological and stable isotope analyses of the Franchthi bones. Submission of the completed volume to Indiana University Press is projected for 2012.

Maria Papaioannou

2010 Recipient

Maria Papaioannou, Associate Professor with the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of New Brunswick, and President of the New Brunswick AIA Society, is the 2010 recipient of the Publication Preparation Grant. Her project, “A Roman peristyle house at Abdera”, will become part of two future publications, a book on Housing and Households of Roman Greece, and a monograph on The Domestic Architectural Remains of Roman Abdera. Excavated over 50 years ago by the late Demetrios Lazarides of Greece, the architectural remains and small finds of the peristyle house in question have long been overlooked, and publication of this material will add to our understanding of housing and town planning of Roman Abdera and Roman Greece in general. Professor Papaioannou will use the $5,000 grant award to examine field notes and film archives of the 1960-1961 excavations at various libraries and the Kavala Museum in Greece, travel to Abdera to correct plans, and communicate with local and foreign archaeologists regarding chronology and identification of objects. A final manuscript is expected by the beginning of 2012.

Rana Özbal

2008 Recipient

Recipient of the Publication Preparation Grant for 2008 is Rana Özbal, of the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Dr. Özbal’s publication will be The Sixth Millennium (Amuq C) Levels from Tell Kurdu: A Final Report on the 1998-2001 Seasons, with particular work on the final analysis, illustration, and write-up of the research. The sixth millennium levels of Tell Kurdu, located in the Amuq Valley of present day Turkey, uniquely combine Mediterranean, Levantine, Anatolian, and Mesopotamian cultural, architectural, and artifactual styles. Dr. Özbal is Co-Director of the Tell Kurdu Project, and with the assistance of the Publication Preparation Grant anticipates publication in 2009.

2007 Recipient

Jere Wickens, Lawrence University
Survey of Ancient Sites and Land Routes in Southeastern Karystia, Euboia, Greece
Jere Wickens was awarded the Publication Preparation Grant in order to complete the manuscript for the publication of an archaeological survey of sites and southeastern Karystia, Euboia, an under-studied area of Greece. He tested a new systematic method of conducting extensive reconnaissance surveys using early modern land routes as survey transects. He has identified more than 100 findspots, mainly Classical and Roman. By combining the environmental and archaeological data, a picture of the changing settlement, land-use patterns, and communication networks of this rural region can be constructed. Wickens� publication will expound these new procedures and methods of studying ancient routes and roads themselves through the identification of early modern land routes.