Gerda Henkel Foundation, Gerda Henkel Stiftung

Gerda Henkel Foundation

The Gerda Henkel Foundation was founded in June 1976 by Lisa Maskell in memory of her mother Gerda Henkel as a private, non-profit, grant-making organisation dedicated to fostering research in the humanities. The Foundation focuses on the support of academic projects and PhD scholarships, primarily in the fields of History, Art History, Archaeology and History of Islam. The Foundation has its headquarters in Düsseldorf and is active in Germany and abroad.
The funding activities concentrate basically on German and foreign academics in the fields of historical humanities. In 2008, the Foundation included initiatives on conflict prevention in the program of fields it supports in order for the first time to cover scholarly projects that are not exclusively historical in thrust. Research projects in the following fields are supported in particular:

* History
* Prehistory and Early History
* Archaeology
* Art History
* History of Islam
* Legal History

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Gerda Henkel Foundation
Gerda Henkel Stiftung
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