Achill Island 2016: Week 5 - Cromlech Tumulus
We began working on the southern half of Quadrant 5 this week, revealing a massive spread of rubble to clean and record.
Achill Island 2016: Week 4 - Cromlech Tumulus
The team concentrated on completing the first phase of work in the north of Quadrant 5 this week.
Achill Island 2016: Week 3 - Cromlech Tumulus
This week we began work in Quadrant 5, a new excavation area at the eastern side of the Cromlech Tumulus site.
Achill Island 2016: Week 2 - Cromlech Tumulus
We spent our time this week expanding the trench over the Danish Ditch pre-bog field wall to examine a possible terrace and burnt stone feature.
Achill Island 2016: Week 1 - Cromlech Tumulus
The season at the Cromlech Tumulus has begun! We'll be joined by students from the USA, Australia, Britain, Ireland, India, the Netherlands and Spain.
Looking Ahead to 2016: The Keem Bay Settlement
We will be returning to Achill Island's Keem Bay during the 2016 season to excavate two of the smaller buildings surrounding House K3.
Looking Ahead to 2016: The Cromlech Tumulus
With work at the western part of the Cromlech Tumulus completed in 2015, it will be time to turn to the eastern part of the site for Achill Field School 2016.
Achill Island 2015: Survey at Dugort
Achill Archaeological Field School students survey the probably site of a Late Neolithic or Bronze Age fish trap.
Achill Island 2015: Weeks 14 & 15 - Keem Bay
The short courses we run for a wide variety of students the last two weeks of each Achill Island season prove to be a lot of fun!
Achill Island 2015: Week 13 - Keem Bay
After a last day of major excavation, the final week at House 3 in Keem Bay involved cleaning, recording and backfilling.


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