Ferrycarrig 2019: Winter, Week 6
Dominic’s final post wraps up the IAFS Internship Blog Series for the season.
Ferrycarrig 2019: Winter, Week 5
Post-excavation work is varied and includes processing the finds register and checking and digitising paperwork.
Ferrycarrig 2019: Winter, Week 4
During this final week in Wexford, excavation continued, a medieval battle was filmed, and we had a feast day.
Ferrycarrig 2019: Winter, Week 3
It started to come together in Cutting 2 this week! We also learned about experimental archaeology, post excavation, and falconry.
Ferrycarrig 2019: Winter, Week 2
It was all systems go this week, and the Cuttings 1 and 2 teams got right back to digging.
Ferrycarrig 2019: Winter, Week 1
Intern Dominic reports from Ireland, tired but content after a great first week!
Ferrycarrig 2018: Summer, Week 9
A celebratory medieval feast and an overnight in a replica ringfort marked the end of the field school.
Ferrycarrig 2018: Summer, Week 8
A rare find made for an exciting week, and we learned more about medieval and post-medieval ceramics in Ireland.
Ferrycarrig 2018: Summer, Week 7
Despite a slow week with a lot of the same old, we found some interesting red clay pottery sherds.
Ferrycarrig 2018: Summer, Week 6
We reached record-breaking temperatures this week, which was orientation for the new group of IFR students.


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