Student Affairs Interest Group
Simeon Ehrlich

The Student Affairs Interest Group (SAIG) consists of AIA members with an interest in the expansion of opportunities for student participation and professional development within the AIA and the promotion of student scholarship as well as student issues to other members of the AIA through its various programs and publications.


Simeon Ehrlich, Stanford University (Chair)
Natalie Abell, University of Cincinnati
Mont Allen, University of California Berkeley
Johanna Best, Bryn Mawr University
Jacquelyn Clements, Johns Hopkins University
Tyler Franconi
Lorraine Knop Gagliano, University of Michigan
Andrea Gatzke, Pennsylvania State University
Elizabeth M. Greene, University of Western Ontario
Susan Grouchy, University of Western Ontario
Nicole High, University of Michigan
Barbara Klessig
Sarah Lima
Alexander Meyer, Duke University
Stephanie Pearson, University of California Berkeley
Erin Pitt, University of California Berkeley
Elizabeth Robinson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Mehrnoush Soroush, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
Allison Sterrett-Krause, University of Cincinnati
Katherine Swinford, University of Cincinnati
Elizabeth Wolfram Thill, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

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