Student Affairs Interest Group
Rachel Dewan

The Student Affairs Interest Group (SAIG) consists of AIA members with an interest in the expansion of opportunities for student participation and professional development within the AIA and the promotion of student scholarship as well as student issues to other members of the AIA through its various programs and publications.


Natalie Abell                      University of Cincinnati

Jane Arney                        Emory University

Mont Allen                        Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Meredith Anderson

Zachary Batist                    McMaster University

Lauren Bearden                 Kennesaw State University

Stephanie Bergman            University of Western Ontario

Johanna Best                     Bryn Mawr University

Jennifer Black                   University of California, Berkeley

B. Braun                            San Francisco State University

Steve Burges                      Boston University

Genevieve Carey

Andrew Carroll

Amanda Chen                    University of Maryland

Jacquelyn Clements           John Hopkins University

Michelle Clinger

Emily Cook

Megan Daniels                   Stanford University

Rachel Dewan                   University of Toronto

Drew Anthony Davis         University of Western Ontario

Jacqueline DiBiasie

Maria Dimitropoulos

Madeleine Donachie          AIA

Rachel Dewan                   University of Toronto

Simeon Ehrlich                  Stanford University

Dave Farag

Katie Fine

Danielle Fleming                Marquette University

Tyler Franconi                   Independent Scholar

Lorraine Knop Gagliano    University of Michigan

Andrea Gatzke                   SUNY New Paltz

Maryl Gensheimer             University of Maryland

Paula Gheorghiade             University of Toronto

Ann Glennie

Elizabeth M. Greene          University of Western Ontario

Susan Grouchy                  University of Western Ontario

Jesica Jayd Harris              North Carolina State University

Mackenzie Heglar              Bryn Mawr College

Nicole High                       University of Michigan

Julia Hurley

Laura Hutchinson

Katie Iselin

Alexis Jackson

Alexis Jordan

Stephanie Kelley

Barbara Klessig                  Independent Scholar

Meredith Langlitz               Boston University

Douglas Lowry                  Virginia Wesleyan College

Laura Lesswing

Sarah Lima                        University of Cincinnati

Kristin Mann

Kevin Mullen                     AIA

Brian Martens

Rachel McCleery

Alexander Meyer               University of Western Ontario

Alistair Mowat                   University of Manitoba

Liat Niah                            Hebrew University, Israel

Shana O’Connell

Erin Pitt                              University of California, Berkeley

Alexander Rai

Elizabeth Robinson            University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Scott Robinson

Dave Ruff

Tia Sager                            University of Toronto

Elina Salminen                   University of Michigan

Rebecca Seifried

Mehrnoush Soroush           ISAW, New York University

Debby Sneed                     UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Allison Sterrett-Krause       University of Cincinnati

Gretchen Stricker               University of Maryland

Sarah Taylor                      University of Western Ontario

Brenda Thacker                 University of Missouri

Elizabeth Wolfram Thill    Indiana University

Grace Tsai

Katherine Ann Ulewicz     University of Michigan

Sarah Vanderploeg            University of Western Ontario

Clive Vella                         Brown University

Gina Buckley Yost            Northwestern University

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