Ancient Painting Studies Interest Group
Vanessa Rousseau

The Ancient Painting Studies Interest Group (APSIG) consists of AIA members with an interest in the study of ancient painting. It provides a forum for exchange and collaboration among specialists and promotes current scholarship on ancient painting to AIA members through the organization of formal programs such as AIA colloquia and workshop sessions as well as through the publications of these sessions.


Vanessa Rousseau (Chair)
Sarah Lepinski
Mark Abbe
Hilary Becker
Bettina Bergmann
John R. Clarke
Lea Cline
Seth Estrin
Elaine Gazda
Regina Gee
Barbara Kellum
Ann Kuttner
Eleanor Leach
Nicola Denzey Lewis
Susanna Mcfadden
Stella Miller‐Collett
Stephanie Pearson
Jessica Powers
Katharine Raff
Betsey A. Robinson
Molly Swetnam‐Burland
Francesca Tronchin

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