Ira Haupt, II— 2001 Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award

Award Citation:

The Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award of the Archaeological Institute of America recognizes volunteers who have furthered the work of the Institute and have improved its effectiveness through their sustained exceptional service.  Ira Haupt, II, recipient of the 2001 award, clearly exemplifies such service to the AIA.

When Ira came to the AIA as a General Trustee in 1992, through his interest in New World archaeology, he brought to his service in the AIA the significant experience of his many years of responsibility in the Explorer’s Club in New York.  Joining the Finance Committee and Development Committees in 1993, Ira suggested many approaches in these areas which were new and innovative for the AIA.

Within the Finance Committee, Ira served as chair of the Investment Subcommittee, helping steer the AIA investments into more sophisticated allocations during a time of rapid change in the financial markets.  On the Development Committee, Ira spearheaded the effort to establish separate accounts for donated assets, a step that he knew would be necessary in the capital campaign to endow the national lecture program.  Ira’s insistence on a professional approach in these areas helped to bring the AIA’s finances into better perspective in order to further the AIA’s archaeological missions.

Ira served the AIA in ways beyond his particular committee responsibilities as well.  It was Ira who brought to the AIA the current tour director, thus providing the AIA with tours that have much greater AIA control and input.  As a result, the organization has benefited both in personal contact with its members and financially.  This effort of Ira’s has already brought the AIA many new friends and will continue to do so in the future.

When Ira retired from his service as AIA General Trustee in 1998, he became treasurer of the New York Society of the AIA.  Bringing the same instinct to professionalize the workings of the New York Society as he did to the National AIA, Ira has improved the return on the New York Society’s funds and is spearheading a fundraising campaign to provide more security for the extensive programs of the New York Society of the AIA.  His interest in supporting his local society is a model for all others who are involved on the National level.

In addition to giving significant time and energy, as well as considerable expertise, to the AIA, Ira has endowed a lecture as part of the AIA’s capital campaign, thus helping insure that the AIA’s educational outreach mission effectively continues in the new millennium.

The Archaeological Institute of America is pleased to present Ira Haupt, II, with the Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award for his valuable contributions to the AIA of his knowledge, intelligence, and experience, which have helped set the AIA on a new, more professional course in the third millennium.

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