Jeffery A. Lamia— 2008 Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award

Award Citation: 

The Archaeological Institute of America is pleased to bestow upon Jeffrey Lamia the 2008 Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award. Jeff should be commended foremost for the time, energy, and expertise he contributed to the AIA at a time when the Institute most needed his skills and wisdom.

As a general trustee on the Governing Board, Jeff’s initial undertaking was to chair the Dig Oversight Committee. This children’s magazine was not a cost-effective operation for the Institute, and Jeff’s ability to get Dig finances in order prepared the way for its sale while still allowing the AIA input on its content. During Jeff’s tenure as treasurer of the AIA, financial problems that had plagued the Institute over the years were addressed when he developed more efficient ways to track income and expenses. The skills that he had honed so successfully in the private world of banking and finance proved invaluable: he developed techniques for reporting general finances and specifics of endowments so that officers, board members, and staff could manage income and expenses more effectively.

In recent AIA history, there has perhaps been no one who has made such a positive impact on the Institute’s finances as Jeff. The result has allowed the AIA to fulfill its missions to members, the scholarly community, and to the public at large. Jeff’s passion for archaeology continues with service on AIA committees and for the New York Society. The Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award is fitting tribute to service born of devotion to the discipline of archaeology and to the Institute that promotes archaeology.

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