Professor of Egyptology


University of Copenhagen Copenhagen
Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Faculty of
Humanities, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, invites applications
for a full professorship in Egyptology to be filled by 1 August 2013
or as soon as possible thereafter.

Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies works with
languages, cultures, religion and society, primarily in the world
outside Western Europe and the US. Cross-cultural competences
and knowledge of the complexity of the world are of vital importance
in the globalised world - politically, economically, and culturally.

Job content

*   The successful candidate will be responsible for the preparation
and teaching of undergraduate (BA) and graduate student (MA) level
courses, and for setting and marking corresponding exams.
*    He or she will supervise dissertations at both the undergraduate
(BA) and graduate level (MA and PhD); experience in the supervision
of PhD students is essential.
*    The candidate will also undertake, as required, any administrative
duties that may arise in connection with teaching, research and evaluation.
*   Teaching will be delivered in Danish (or other Scandinavian language)
or English, and proficiency in these languages will be taken into account.
 The position includes responsibility for the Papyrus Carlsberg collection,
and the successful candidate will be expected to manage various aspects
of the collection, including but not limited to overseeing the long-running
programme of conservation and publication, facilitating access to the
collection to scholars, coordinating research projects, and the raising
of external funds in support of the collection.

The professor is expected to be able to take part in all the activities of
the Department, including examinations and administration and also
manage research projects, provide pedagogic supervision, supervise
assistant professors and sit on academic assessment panels.

Institution or Company offering position: 
University of Copenhagen
Contact Name: 
Ingolf Thuesen
+45 353 28906