Maritime Archaeologist

Friday, April 22, 2011


United States
Florida US


A Master’s Degree in Anthropology, Archeology, or History, with a specialization in Maritime Archeology.  At least two years of professional field experience in underwater survey and/or excavation.  Valid advanced open water scuba diving certification.  Professional experience in mapping and interpreting shipwreck remains.  Hands-on experience with remote sensing instruments and software.  Demonstrated knowledge of submerged cultural resource issues, policies, and laws.  Demonstrated ability to design and implement professional research and reporting.  Demonstrated experience in public speaking and instructional workshops.  Knowledge and experience with Windows-based computer software and Internet.  Demonstrated experience and skills in maintenance and repairs of marine-related equipment.  Ability to write budget and grant applications.  Valid driver’s license or willing to obtain one.


Archeology: Increases the ability of the Bureau to survey and inventory submerged cultural resources by: a) conducting historical and archaeological research and working with local groups to identify sites of historical and archaeological significance throughout the state; b) conducting field surveys and site inspections to record and assess sites for inclusion in the Florida Master Site File; and by preparing and presenting professional and popular reports of archaeological findings in written and illustrated formats; c) developing working relationships with local diving, fishing, and waterfront groups to learn of new sites and to initiate survey and inventory projects; d) coordinating the development of survey teams comprised of professional and vocational archaeologists, students, and volunteers to respond to requests and needs on a regional and statewide basis.

Professional Networking: Increases the ability of the Bureau to expand its communication and interaction with other agencies through: a) development of partnerships with federal, state, and county agencies, museums, and universities to inventory and interpret Florida's submerged cultural resources; b) attending conferences and special events to communicate and share management strategies; c) participate in joint research projects, field investigations, field schools; d) providing assistance to other managers in and out of state.

Exploration and  Recovery Permitting:  Monitors Exploration and Recovery Permits by: a) answering requests for information concerning agency policies and permitting requirements;  b) maintaining permit  files and correspondence to determine degree of compliance and performance of permittees; c) keeping a record log of all correspondence, reports, work sheets, and data submitted to the Division; d) making recommendations for any permit changes, renewals, terminations to Bureau Chief and section supervisor; d) implementing changes, renewals, terminations to permits at the direction of Bureau Chief.

Vehicles and Boat: Ensures the safe operation of Bureau vehicles and boats by: a) maintaining survey vehicles, boats, and underwater equipment to ensure that they are in safe working order; b) making recommendations for repair or replacement to supervisor; c) Implementing repair and replacement of non-working or unsafe equipment.

Institution or Company offering position: 
Florida Division of Historical Resources
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Human Resources