Archaelogical Technician II

Thursday, June 23, 2011


San Diego/ Arizona
United States

Under the general supervision of field director/project, this archaeologist, performs skilled tasks, conducts hand excavations, completes plan and profile maps of excavated units, and completes standard feature and level forms, screens soils to recover artifacts. This technician performs flotation of soil samples, walk over, and shovel testing,  catalogs, packages and labels archaeological artifacts, maintains field equipment and supplies, and conducts  inventories of cultural resources in areas of proposed projects. This incumbent researches reference material such as state and national register files, historic documents, archeological reports, maps and aerial photos, and   interviews source individuals concerning project areas, performs on-the-ground area searches for surface and subsurface evidence of historic and prehistoric archeological remains. This technician identifies and records historic and prehistoric cultural resource sites prepares Archeological Reconnaissance Reports (AARF's) and maps, and ensures that archeology work assignments are carried out in safe, timely manner according to established standards and procedures. This technician maintains the Archeological Reconnaissance schedule by estimating and reporting and expected time of completion of each project and updating the project planning board, reviews work in progress to see that standards for pre-field research, survey design, site recording, graphics and final report are being met, and advises other employees on methods of cultural resource inventory. This worker also provides written instructions, research materials and supplies to all involved in planning and operation of natural resource activities.

Institution or Company offering position: 
Mountain Chief Management Services
Contact Name: 
Bonnie Blanco