Marine Archaeologist


Houston , TX
United States
29° 45' 46.3824" N, 95° 22' 59.0232" W
Texas US

Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, Inc. (a Forum Energy Technology Company) located in Houston, Texas specializes in geological, geotechnical, and archaeological analyses primarily in offshore environment is looking to add a marine archaeologist to their staff.

Job Description:
Applicants should possess the understanding and skill set to interpret high-resolution geophysical and video data for potential cultural resources and assess any findings for their historical significance. Based on those interpretations, the applicant will need to make recommendations for further site investigations, avoidances, or elimination of avoidances. The applicant must have good written and verbal communication skills.  The roles and responsibilities beyond completing written assessments meeting federal cultural resource assessment guidelines, is to provide guidance to clients and colleagues on archaeological regulations, guidelines, resources, and surveys ensuring that all remain in compliance. The applicant must be willing to travel offshore to provide archaeological expertise or QA/QC aboard AUV, conventional, or ROV vessels as needed.

NOTES: 1 opening - Fulltime
MS or PhD in related field (Anthropology/Archaeology)
Competitive salary and benefits package

Institution or Company offering position: 
Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, Inc.
Contact Name: 
Daniel Lanier
(713) 468‐1410