Judith Feinberg Brilliant— 1992 Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award

Award Citation:

There is no one more worthy of the Distinguished Service Award of the Archaeological Institute of America than Judith Feinberg Brilliant. A pioneering Society Trustee, representing, in particular, our regional societies and lay interests, she greatly strengthened these important concerns of the AIA during her term of office from 1985 to 1990. Judy has also created and produced archaeological programs for children for her regional AIA society in St. Louis, as a joint venture with the St Louis Art Museum and the St. Louis School Partnership Program. These programs have served several thousand children from mixed racial and religious backgrounds and have served as models for other museums in this country and abroad. This past summer Judy was invited to go to Israel to set up similar youth outreach programs for the Museum of Bible Lands Jerusalem. These programs have brought national recognition to both Judy and the AIA as she has been regional finalist in the national Outstanding School Volunteer Award competition sponsored by corporations and the National Association of Partners-in-Education.

Judy Brilliant is a pioneering woman who cares and shares her talents and time, and raises the money to do the job. Judy has greatly expanded the archaeological outreach of the Institute, regionally, nationally and internationally. She continues to serve both her regional chapter as Chair of education and fundraising, and the national organization as Chair of the Educational Outreach Committee and member of the Tour Advisory Board, and of the Societies and Membership, and Development Committees.

Born in St. Louis, Judy first became a member of the AIA when she was a graduate student in art and archaeology at Washington University in St. Louis in 1972. She has done fieldwork at Koster in Kampsville, Illinois, and at the wonderful Cahokia Mounds outside of S. Louis. She has also done fieldwork in Israel at a Judean cave in Kallia and at the great port city of Caesarea.

Judy has also beat Hillary Clinton in being an example of the "modern woman" for she is married to a wonderful man, Sidney, and is also busy raising a darling daughter, Virginia. If this is not enough she also managed a family real estate business for many years and now runs her own brokerage firm. Her astute business sense has served the AIA well, including her involvement in the original "Kitchen Cabinet" in which many good ideas for the future were discussed.  Judy has warmly hosted the Board of Trustees as well as many archaeological visitors in her lovely home in St. Louis. These have been good times for all to remember.

Judy, we are so proud of you, and the AIA has been so enriched by your creative talents, tireless energy vision and dedication. It is our honor to bestow on you this Award for Distinguished Service to the field of archaeology in general and particularly to the Archaeological Institute of America. 

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