Kevin Glowacki— 2001 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

Award Citation:

It is with great pleasure that the Archaeological Institute of America presents the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching to Professor Kevin Glowacki of the Department of Classical Studies at Indiana University at Bloomington.  Professor Glowacki is an outstanding teacher described as enthusiastic, dynamic, innovative, and seriously engaged with students.  He has tremendous faith in his students’s goals and abilities and is clearly someone who, as one student noted, engages with his students as a friend and colleague in the enterprise of education.

Kevin Glowacki received his AB in Classics with Honors from Loyola University and went on for his MA and, in 1991, Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr.  After stints of teaching at Harvard and the University of Cincinnati, he joined the faculty at I.U. in 1993 where he is now an Assistant Professor teaching, among other things, classical art and archaeology, art and archaeology of the Aegean, topography and monuments of Athens, Greek sculpture, Greek myth and image in ancient Greece, and Classics and Computers.  His strong interests in undergraduate education extend to national service.  He has served on the AIA’s Education committee and the committee on the Future of Old World Archaeology in Higher Education.  He has also served the AIA successively as treasurer, vice president, and president of the Central Indiana Society.

The selection committee was impressed by Professor Glowacki’s vision and drive.  The committee learned that he arrived at I.U. at a time when the program in Classical Archaeology was at a low point with flagging undergraduate enrollments.  Glowacki worked, in the words of the nominator, at “creating students.”  Within six years he helped build a robust program with more than 30 undergraduate majors concentrating in Classical Archaeology.  He is described as the “heart and soul of this rejuvenation,” presenting “serious material to students who are seriously engaged.”  Again in the words of his nominator, “I was floored the first time I visited one of his classes and saw students grab for their notebooks when Glowacki threw out a question about the dating of a piece of archaic statuary.”  Another colleague wrote that “Kevin’s reputation among students is so positive that anthropology majors who used to avoid classical archaeology like the plague take at least one or two courses with him and come away encouraging their classmates to do the same.  It is no surprise that he has become quite involved with the university Honors Program and that many of the Honors students choose to work with him.”  And no wonder, as another colleague writes that he is “the most passionate and committed teacher I have ever encountered, who is experimental and open to new pedagogical ideas.”

Kevin Gloackie attracted some of the best of I.U.’s undergraduate students to the study of Classical Archaeology, in part because of his innovative use of computer technology.  His use of web sites to create interactive links with his classes began in the mid-1990s at a time when other faculty were only just becoming familiar with this technology, and his web sites and other computer projects served to put Classics at Indiana among the first departments to make extensive use of these new technologies.  His Web site “The Ancient City of Athens,” for instance, makes available his digitized images of the city and much more for instructors around the world and receives hundreds of thousands of visits from students and colleagues alike.  These achievements earned Kevin Glo Teaching Excellence Recognition Awards from I.U. in 1998 and 2000.

Both colleagues and students are unanimous in their admiration and praise for Kevin.  He is clearly an honored member of his department and university, a good friend to all, and above all an able and effective undergraduate teacher who is doing much to shape the new generation of archaeologists at Indiana University.  For these reasons the Archaeological Institute of America is proud to name Kevin Glowacki as the winner of the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for the year 2001.

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