National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Catarina Viegas

Affiliation: Universidade de Lisboa

At Lisbon University, Catarina Viegas is both an assistant teacher at the History Department of (Faculdade de Letras) and a Researcher at Uniarq, the Archeological Research Unit (Centro de Arqueologia). She is preparing her Ph.D., and she is currently directing the research project “Roman settlements and the economy of central and eastern Algarve,” which aims to study material culture from known Roman urban centers such as Castro Marim, Torre de Aires, and Faro. Previously (1995-2005) she has participated in several archeological projects with a special mention to the co-direction of site excavations and research at the “Alc√°√ßova de Santar√©m,” in central Portugal. Her main areas of research interest are classical archaeology, Romanization of southern Portugal, and late Roman and medieval archaeology with a special emphasis in Roman pottery studies.

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